February 2013


 February was a cold month this year with plenty of snow but nonetheless we were able to get out onto dry roads now and again. We spotted this bird sitting on a roadside wire. We’re not entirely sure what it was. Some say a juvenile eagle but it did seem much smaller than an eagle so we aren’t quite certain. Here are a couple more photos.





2 thoughts on “February 2013

  1. Hello, it looks to be a dark-morph Rough-legged Hawk. This species comes in various ‘colour morphs’ (polymorphisms) that range from light to dark (and everything in between–although these are usually termed ‘intermediate morph’ as a catch-all). This arctic species moves south to overwinter. You’ll notice in your last couple photos the underwing pattern of mostly white primary and secondary flight feathers with dark underwing linings. Browse google images for the underwing pattern of juvenile Golden Eagles and juvenile Bald Eagles and you will see that the patterns for those two species are much different (just search “juvenile Golden Eagle”, etc., and you’ll have many examples come up). Hope this helps!

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