March 2013 – Merganzers

Common Merganzers

Common Merganzers

March is for many things but it also seems to be for Merganzers. The two pictured above are Common Merganzers. Evidently there are three species of Merganzers in Canada. The Common Merganzer, the Hooded Merganzer and the Red Breasted Merganzer. We noticed a number of the Common Merganzers flying around the Avon River. They are easy to spot with the bright white and black of the males. But further down the river we were also able to see a Hooded Merganzer which seemed to be hanging out with the Mallards. They don’t seem to mind the snow!

Hooded Merganzer

Hooded Merganzer

Later on in March we headed toward the shores of Lake Huron at Bayfield and were gratified to see the third species of merganzer, the Red Breasted Merganzer. It seems like an odd name to me because I couldn’t really notice the red breast, but I thought the most remarkable thing about this Merganzer was its punky headfeathers.

Red Breasted Merganzer

Red Breasted Merganzer


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