April Showers bring May Flowers and Bufflehead Ducks

On my way to get my snow tires off yesterday I noticed about a dozen Bufflehead Ducks enjoying the waters of the Avon River. I immediately turned the car around and went to get my camera. I stopped to take some pictures before I continued on to get the tires off. I checked the photos and decided that I’d like some better shots so after I left the garage I hurried back to the river to try and get some  pics from the other side of the river. I was pleased with my shots and heading home when I saw my husband walking along the street. “Did you get the tires done?”, he asked. “Yes, I just did,” I answered. He looked a little confused. “You didn’t get the hubcaps put on?” I got out of the car and looked. Sure enough there weren’t any hubcaps on the tires. They were on the floor in the front of the car beside me. “Hey, I got some great shots of some Bufflehead Ducks down at the river!” I told him. “You’ll have to go back and get those hubcaps on,” he said. Clearly, ducks and birds can really be distracting! Anyhow, I did go back and get the hubcaps on and I also got some great shots of the Buffleheads.

Bufflehead Ducks

Bufflehead Ducks


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