Leslie Street Spit

It has been many years since we walked along the Leslie Street Spit but since we were staying on the water with friends near there we decided to take a little hike with our binoculars and cameras. The weekend was warm but very, very windy with heavy rains at times.
Within minutes of venturing into the Tommy Thompson Park we spotted this small bird. I’m not quite sure of the identity but will post it when I figure it out.

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 321E

We walked along the shore watching various small sailboats being tossed about in high winds and waves. We saw a number of cormorants and gulls.

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 330
In ponds on the inland side of the spit we saw a nice variety of birds. There were Mallards, Swans and a couple of Egrets and a number of ducks that we were less familiar with. We noticed about 10 Gadwalls.

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 408E

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 411E

Swans and Egret.

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 437E
TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 413
And a number of small diving birds which I haven’t identified yet either!

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 425E
And this fellow drew our attention from the trees nearby.

TorontoLeslieStreetSpit 429E

This could be a Golden Crowned Warbler! (hmmm or a Kinglet?)

So all in all a very successful birding day! And we are definitely planning to return to the Spit.


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