After the Storms

After the terrific winds and rains of the last few days we decided to see if anything new had turned up. We headed to Wildwood first where we spotted a group of about 14 small ducks. They were so small they would have been easily overlooked. But they tended to stay together which made them a little more eye catching. We watched them for quite a while but they seemed a little camera shy and stayed well away from the shoreline so these pics are they best I could do.

WildwoodStMarys 113E
WildwoodStMarys 115E
They had short black tails that stuck up in the air sometimes, and some of them had a white patch on the side of the head. I think they may be Ruddy Ducks and the males are less brownish-red in colour because they have their winter plummage.  Anyhow, the jury is still out on what they were. But we have not seen them on the lake before today. 

We moved on down to the end of the lake where we saw a very un-camera shy Blue Heron that was walking across the road and then into a small roadside creek.

WildwoodStMarys 136

Next we headed into St. Marys and didn’t see anything on the rushing waters of the rivers but we did see a Bald Eagle and a Red tail Hawk.

WildwoodStMarys 147E

WildwoodStMarys 153E
And this fellow was lurking in the bushes at the side of the lake.

WildwoodStMarys 067E

WildwoodStMarys 069E


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