Not being able to go too far we decided to check out the action at Fanshawe. The weather was a bit of everything; threatening clouds, the odd sprinkle and periods of brilliant sunshine.

But before leaving home we spotted a number of Scaup on the Avon River – off to a good start!

Fanshawe 021E

The  colours around the lake were spectacular! This Kingfisher cooperated long enough for a couple of photos.

Fanshawe 158E

Not quite sure if these were Tufted Ducks. They were pretty hard to identify from across the lake. Unfortunately the photos are a little blurry too.

Fanshawe 193E
Fanshawe 195E

This Blue Jay seemed to have been looking for shelter from the wind which had picked up.

Fanshawe 214E
He wasn’t alone for long! He was joined by about a dozen Cedar Waxwings.

Fanshawe 236E

Fanshawe 240E
Fanshawe 265E
Fanshawe 071E


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