Lake St. Clair

Saturday November 2nd was so rainy that by the time we had made our way down dirt roads along the fields and canals the car was covered in mud. In fact it was so muddy it was difficult to see out the windows. We spent the morning driving along the Thames River to Mitchell’s Bay through rain and wind.
LakeStClair 111E

LakeStClair 068EGreater Yellowlegs

From MItchells Bay we wandered over to the St. Clair National Wild Life Area and luckily the rain stopped so we were able to go for a long trek through the reserve. There were many varieties of ducks in the ponds; coots, ruddy ducks, mallards, swans and so on. And a number of raptors frequently passing overhead.

LakeStClair 130E

LakeStClair 135E

LakeStClair 166E

LakeStClair 175E

LakeStClair 227E


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