November Begins

I hadn’t heard about the Mitchell wetlands until I was chatting to a friend recently and he recommended them enthusiastically. So we packed up the binoculars and cameras to take a look and we weren’t disappointed. But again it was a rather cloudy, wet and extremely windy day.

MitchellWetlands 014E

MitchellWetlands 021E

MitchellWetlands 030E
First we walked along the river and there were many small birds seeking shelter in the trees along the path but not much action on the river which was high and fast moving. The only duck we spotted was this solitary character – a Pied-billed Grebe perhaps?

MitchellWetlands 024E
So we drove around until we located the entrance to the Wetlands area.

MitchellWetlands 055E
MitchellWetlands 061E
MitchellWetlands 102E
The ponds were filled with ducks and waterfowl but it was difficult to get good photos due to the distance and the tall grasses around the ponds.

MitchellWetlands 125E
Ooops. Incoming!.……And outgoing.

MitchellWetlands 161E
There were so many ducks on the pond we are still working on identifying them all.

MitchellWetlands 201E
There was a large number of Northern Shovelers.

MitchellWetlands 261E
And Ring-necked Ducks

MitchellWetlands 302EAnd Bufflehead Ducks. (females)


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