Point Pelee

Sunday November 3rd was a brisk but sunny day. Because we wanted to get an early start we decided to spend the night at Leamington. And it was well worth being at Point Pelee early to witness thousands of birds taking part in the fall migration.

PeleeandRondeau 005E

PeleeandRondeau 026E

PeleeandRondeau 028E
PeleeandRondeau 045EFinches

PeleeandRondeau 051EBarrow’s Goldeneye

PeleeandRondeau 063EMerganser

PeleeandRondeau 087ESouthern-most tip of Canada

PeleeandRondeau 117E
PeleeandRondeau 140E

PeleeandRondeau 151E
By noon the parade of birds overhead had pretty much petered out so we decided to take a walk on the boardwalk through the wetlands. There were a number of mallards, Canada geese and coots. And we also spotted a couple of Kildeer.

PeleeandRondeau 264E
PeleeandRondeau 276TE
PeleeandRondeau 214E
PeleeandRondeau 203E

PeleeandRondeau 225E
And on to Rondeau for a quick look before heading back home!


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