Later the Same Day

At Rondeau we walked out to the end of the dock to see a potpourri of ducks in the Bay in addition to some other birders with really big scopes! So we knew we must be in the right place! It takes some time to sort out all of the different varieties in each different body of water. I’d love to report some numbers but I really don’t have a clue as to how to figure that out, especially when they keep diving and taking off and landing. It’s beyond me. That will make some good winter reading.
Anyhow here are a few samples of what was on offer and I will try to identify them as time permits. We would have stayed longer but the car started making a weird expensive sound and we thought it would be a good idea to get home before dark.
PeleeandRondeau 283E
I’m pretty sure these are American Widgeons.

PeleeandRondeau 293E                  PeleeandRondeau 293EE


And there were a number of Ruddy Ducks and  reddish headed ducks which could have been either Canvassbacks or Redheads. I really couldn’t tell. I guess maybe one of these things could be helpful. But that’s getting pretty serious!

PeleeandRondeau 303
Anyhow, we had finally had enough birding excitement for one weekend and it was time to mosey on home. We drove along Highway 3, along the path of the Underground Railway and through Eagle enjoying the last of the glorious sunshine!

PeleeandRondeau 321E

PeleeandRondeau 338E


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