Long Point

After a busy couple of weeks and a late night on Saturday, we wanted to do some birdwatching but didn’t have the time to go too far. So we settled on Long Point as we make our way east along the Lake Erie shores.

LongPoint 012
The day started out cloudy and mild but the sun made an appearance as we walked along the beach!
(as well as the strong winds!)

LongPoint 029
There were only a few gulls on the beach at the water’s edge but there were quite a few smaller birds in trees where they were sheltered from the wind.

LongPoint 090E
American Tree Sparrow

LongPoint 112E
LongPoint 127E

LongPoint 148EDowny Woodpecker

We dawdled out to the point as long as we could but headed decided to head back to the Marsh area just outside of the Conservation Area before the sun started to set. It gets dark so early these days!

LongPoint 156
There were hundreds of American Coots on the east side of the point along with some geese.

LongPoint 179E
LongPoint 184E
If you look really closely in the photo below you can see a couple of Herons, one on each side along with a large number of Hooded Mergansers.

LongPoint 202
LongPoint 198E
LongPoint 206E
The marshes were lively with loads of ducks, geese flying overhead and gathering behind the grasses and a Red-tailed Hawk.

LongPoint 225
Finally the sun disappeared and the sky started looking threatening so we headed home. But it really was a gorgeous day to be out watching the action.
LongPoint 235


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