December is Here

WildwoodWinter 119
Another cloudy day at Wildwood but lots of action on the water if you looked closely. The lake was beginning to be iced in on the far side but there was still lots of open water. There were many Canada Geese and gulls on the ice but in the water there were more Mergansers than I have ever seen. Hundreds of them. There were mostly Common Mergansers but a number of Redbreasted and Hooded Mergansers as well.

We decided to drive along the Thames to see if we could locate the Bald Eagle and sure enough, we encountered another bird enthusiast slowly creeping along the road doing the same thing. We wondered if the birds would stay in the area and sure enough there he was in one of his usual haunts!

WildwoodWinter 216
WildwoodWinter 215E
And as he flew off down the river we were delighted to see a second Bald Eagle appear from somewhere behind us to follow him!

WildwoodWinter 248E
There seems to have been a lot of interesting bird watching activity this past weekend.
I was sorry that we hadn’t driven up to Long Point after I read about 1000 Sandhill Cranes observed in the area! Wow, we would have loved to have seen that! Noted for next year! Check it out here:


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