Back to the Point

After it was rumoured in the bird blogsphere that Sandhill Cranes had been sighted in the Longpoint area, we took advantage of dry roads and made the trip in hopes of seeing a few stragglers. After all, they had been spotted on the weekend and it was now Friday. We drove toward the point and stopped to poke around in the marsh areas for a bit first where there were many Mallards and geese and tundra swans as well as a few Hooded Mergansers and Northern Shovelers. And in the nearby trees sat a handsome Golden Eagle.

SandhillCranesLongPoint 014
And a Bald Eagle in sitting in a tree across the marsh.

SandhillCranesLongPoint 022
We decided to take a look for the Sandhill Cranes in the cornfields near the shore road. To our surprise, there they were! I’d say there were about 200 in the first group that we discovered. And the amazing thing was, how well camouflaged they were. They were well off the road, but blended into the fields so well that if you weren’t actually looking for them it’s highly unlikely that they would have registered on your eyeballs at all. The first group consisted of only Sandhill Cranes but further down the road we could see hundreds more gathering in a distant field along with hundreds of Tundra Swans. Fantastic!

SandhillCranesLongPoint 082E
SandhillCranesLongPoint 092E
SandhillCranesLongPoint 098E
Take a close look at the edge of the field before the trees.

SandhillCranesLongPoint 125E
And now a little closer from the same photo!

SandhillCranesLongPoint 125EE
SandhillCranesLongPoint 170E
SandhillCranesLongPoint 002E
And to top things off a Northern Harrier (we think).

SandhillCranesLongPoint 103E


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