Brief Thaw

The weather was a little warmer and roads dry so we did a little tour close to home. We went for a short hike at Wildwood and couldn’t resist heading back out to the Wellburn Road in case any Snowy Owls were still hanging about. But no luck there. However there we lots of other birds and deer taking advantage of the less frosty weather.

StMarys 020E
Rough Legged Hawk

StMarys 033EE
Another Great Blue Heron!

We also saw dozens of Blue Jays flitting across the road in front of us and many scavenging about in the gravel on the shoulders of the country roads. There were flocks of ducks which we couldn’t identify and of course many Mallards and Canada Geese, flocks of Starlings and Gulls to be seen as well as a Bald Eagle sitting in one of the trees near its nest. (If you look closely you can also see a hawk sitting to the Eagle’s left.)

StMarys EE
StMarys 092E
StMarys 146E
StMarys 160E
StMarys 174E
A few dozen Snow Buntings on the Road
…..and in flight.
StMarys 176E
StMarys 185E


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