Winter Solstice

So instead of going grocery shopping we grabbed the binos and the camera and headed out of town for a quick look before the ice storm they are predicting makes it impossible.  We told our son we were going out to see if we could find another Snowy Owl. And we hadn’t driven 10 minutes out of town when there it was, sitting on a fence post at the edge of a field!

Solstice 121E2nd Snowy Owl in a week!

Solstice 023E
Solstice 027EWild Turkeys are back!
Solstice 038EJuvenile Bald Eagle
Solstice 051EBald Eagle
Solstice 062EHawk action shot!
Solstice 088EA Small Blue Heron
Solstice 134ESnow Buntings
Solstice 066E
We got back before the roads started freezing and it started to get dark on the shortest day of the year. All in all a nice way to celebrate the Winter Solstice and we are looking forward to longer days for birdwatching.


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