Still in the Deep Freeze

Temperatures remained well below zero again today but the brilliant sunshine lured us outside. The backyard feeders were popular with chickadees that seemed to grab their seeds and then find a spot in the trees to enjoy them along with some solar heat.

Freezing 067E
Freezing 038E
Not surprisingly, the first birds we encountered on our way out of town toward Mitchell were dozens of Snow Buntings. It was great to get some shots of them in the trees because they are often so well camouflaged against the snowy fields and grey roads that it’s hard to get a good look at them. Evidently a group of Snow Buntings is called a drift of buntings.

Countrydrive 022ESnow Buntings

Countrydrive 016E
Countrydrive 082E
There were four Common Merganzers in the river but they were camera shy and flew off.

Countrydrive 116E
Countrydrive 147E
Bald Eagles still in the area. It looks as though they will be staying for the whole winter now.

Countrydrive 154E
Red-tailed Hawk



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