A Walk in the Park

It was  pretty mild today even though it was cloudy so I thought I’d check out the action down at the Avon River. I had spotted a black and white duck earlier in the week on a walk with some friends and wondered if it was still there. I ha1dn’t been able to get close enough to identify it so I was curious to take another look. Because there was more open water there were the usual Mallards and Canada Geese as well as a pair of Hooded Merganzers.

Park 032E
Park 073EHooded Merganzers
Park 072E
And finally I saw the duck I had seen a few days ago. It was a Common Goldeneye fishing alone at the far end of the river. It had a really uncanny way of staying just out of camera range. In my effort to get a closer shot I managed to get temporarily stuck in a snowbank about hip deep. I actually had to put my camera away so I could use both hands to pull myself up. I tried to look as nonchalant as possible. This birding thing may be getting out of hand
Park 156E


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