Snowy Roads

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 070E
We decided to venture out for a drive even though the roads were snowy and icy. We took a look in a different direction from our recent excursions. We were curious to find out if we could locate more Snowy Owls. We took a look at the airport just outside of town but it seemed deserted. As we headed up the backroads parallel to the highway towards Mitchell and Seaforth we saw one Kestrel and this fellow caught our eyes as it flew across a field and landed in a tree top near a gas station. The snow started to come down more heavily and accumulate on the road so we decided to head into Seaforth and take the main road home. Just past Winthrop on Huron County Road 12 we spotted the first Snowy Owl of the day!

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 077E
A little closer…

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 079E
We turned off the main road at Mitchell towards the wetlands and came across five of these small birds on the road. At first I thought they were Snow Buntings because they were about the same size and they were on the road but on closer inspection they weren’t. The road was sheer ice so we kept on going.

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 093E
It’s always good to benefit from the expertise of experienced birders and their blogs are a wealth of information. After browsing a few other blogs this morning I have come to the conclusion that the birds on the road might be Horned Larks.

We headed back to the main road and spotted our second Snowy Owl for the day! And seventh for the year so far!

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 105E
MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 102E
Well satisfied, we headed home and spotted this hawk in a tree just outside of town.
A very enjoyable birding day!

MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 149E
MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 031
MitchellSeaforthSnowyDay 133


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