Snowly Owl at Dusk

Thursday morning was sunny but cold and clearly so we headed off to London for a quick visit and of course, kept watch for birds along the way. There weren’t very many to be seen. Surprisingly no Snow Buntings or Owls, just a couple of Hawks and some Wild Turkeys.

London 017

London 020E
And the ride home around dusk was not too eventful either although the sun looked pretty cool with a sundog in the sky!

London 033E
Outside of St. Marys, just before nightfall, we turned onto the side road and caught sight of a Snowy Owl landing in the treetops across a farmer’s field. It didn’t sit for long, five minutes at most before taking off again. Snowy Owl number 8! I could tell by the way it was bobbing and stretching its neck that it was getting ready to fly and was able to take a short video of the bird in flight.

London 058E


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