More Cold, More Snow!

SnowySunday 124E
SnowySunday 054E

More snow and dicey roads meant that the Sunday bird drive was fairly close to home. We lurked around the back roads between Mitchell and St. Mary’s. We saw a few hawks and geese and wild turkeys but no owls or smaller birds today. The Thames River was open in places outside of St. Marys even though the waterfall was pretty iced up.

SnowySunday 102ECommon Mergansers

SnowySunday 097E

SnowySunday 100E
I don’t think we had ever seen any of the Common Mergansers out of the water so it was interesting to get a good look at the plumage on these birds that were hanging out on the ice at the water’s edge. I was surprised to see the grey colour on the females!

SnowySunday 188E
Futher along the river there were a couple of odd ducks swimming and diving among the Mallards.

SnowySunday 132ECommon Goldeneye

SnowySunday 151eFemale Long-tailed Duck

SnowySunday 208E
SnowySunday 171E
The Eagles don’t seem too bothered by the weather either and we noticed a variety of hawks that seemed to be hunting in the fields as well.

SnowySunday 013E   SnowySunday 166E


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