A Short Drive

We only had time for a short drive on Saturday so we headed out Mornington to see if we could see the dark Snowy Owl we had seen the previous Sunday.  It was pretty easy to locate and is likely the same bird given the dark colouring. We located it further down the same sideroad sitting in a treetop near the farm adjacent to the field where we had seen it hunting.

AvontonMornington 090

AvontonMornington 086E
And on the road towards St. Marys we spotted this hawk which didn’t seem particularly worried about us taking photos.

AvontonMornington 098
AvontonMornington 098E
AvontonMornington 103E
On the way back home we caught sight of a second Snowy Owl. Oddly enough, even though it was quite a distance from the road  it was boldly sitting right in front of a farmhouse. I’d love to have been able to watch it from inside that house!

AvontonMornington 114
AvontonMornington 113E


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