A Happy Valentine

Because a Snowy Owl irruption like the one we have been witnessing this year is likely to be a once in a lifetime event, I have been blathering on ad nauseam about it to anyone who will listen. They look skeptical when I tell them that they are guaranteed to see one this year if they pay attention and look for them. Consequently I am overjoyed when I receive an excited text or email from someone who has just spotted their first Snowy! It has been a lot of fun. So when my daughter and her friend arrived for the weekend I felt kind of pressured to cough up a snowy owl. And I am happy to report being able to deliver after only a 45-minute tour around the local side roads! The twelveth sighting this winter for us.

SarahSam 039E
SarahSam 036
SarahSam 031
And of course there were some assorted hawks to be seen as well. We really have to get onto improving our raptor identification skills!

SarahSam 023E
SarahSam 030E


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