Open Water

On Monday we went to London for a quick visit. As we drove through the city we noticed a lot of ducks and a couple of hawks overhead. So we decided to check out the Thames to see if the river was frozen over or not. We were surprised to see that it was almost completely free of ice and hosting quite a variety of ducks. There were, of course, a large number of Canada Geese and Mallards but also Bufflehead, Longtailed Ducks, Common Mergansers, Common Goldeneye and more.

London 188ECanada Geese

London 067EGoldeneye and Bufflehead

London 046E

London 053Mallards

London 086E
London 107ELongtailed Ducks

London 132E
London 184ECommon Goldeneye

London 160ECommon Mergansers

An older gentleman walking along the trail looked my husband in the eye and assured him that “Winter ends tomorrow.” As I shoveled the driveway again yesterday, I realized he was being optimistic or sarcastic because they are predicting another 20 cm this weekend!  I must admit I am enjoying the just below freezing temperatures and a lot of sunshine however I don’t think Old Man Winter is willing to loosen his grip just yet.


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