Signs of Spring

Yet another cold and windy weekend but dry roads and not much chance of snow so we drove down to Sarnia to take a look at the ice situation there. And yup. There’s a lot of ice out there! However we didn’t see as many ducks as we had expected on the St. Clair by the bridge and there were definitely some signs of spring. We saw that a large number of gulls have returned to the area.

ASarnia London 178

If you look closely near the ice you can see what are possibly Canvasback Ducks.

ASarnia London 185

We also saw a number of Longtailed Ducks but not nearly as many as we had see earlier this winter.

AASarnia London 136

ASarnia London 137
There were also some Common Goldeneye still hanging around.

ASarnia London 122

ASarnia London 118E
ASarnia London 139

Off the water there were Snow Buntings and Horned Larks along the road. It was interesting to see that they weren’t in the kinds of large flocks that we’d seen earlier but in much smaller groups of three to six at a time.

ASarnia London 028
ASarnia London 142
ASarnia London 207

While we were looking out at the water at Point Edward a Golden Eagle circled above before flying off.
We decided to return to Stratford via London so we could take a quick look at the river before it got dark and as we got out of the car at Springbank we heard a familar song and saw six or seven robins enjoying the last of the day’s warm sunshine. Winter may really be coming to an end after all!

ASarnia London 215

ASarnia London 313
So I think these Buffleheads and Goldeneyes and the Longtailed Ducks on the Thames will soon be moving on!


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