Snowies Still Here!

We haven’t seen as many Snowy Owls lately but were very pleased to have spotted another one sitting high in a treetop on our way home from Waterloo on Sunday around dusk. I’m not sure how long they will be around this winter and the temperature does still remain below zero, but when they do leave we will certainly miss seeing these fascinating birds. This was our 14th sighting this year and he didn’t seem at all concerned as we stopped to take a photo. He was more interested in watching the snowmobiles roaring across the fields nearby.

AWaterlooDay 149
AWaterlooDay 142

Horned Larks seemed to be everywhere on the edges of the roads and fields adjacent to the roads. And there was also an abundance of crows and blackbirds.

AWaterlooDay 021
AWaterlooDay 025

There were many crows enjoying the landfill site near the mall in Waterloo. And this Red-tailed Hawk seemed to be enjoying the sun and tangling with pesky crows from time to time.

AWaterlooDay 053E

AWaterlooDay 057


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