Another 3 Snowy Day!

aaWellesley 066

For last Sunday’s excursion, the first one for March, we drove towards Wellesley to see if there was any open water around. It was very, very cold but sunny and there were many birds to be seen if you were careful to look. We watched a nice sized Rough Legged Hawk try to enjoy its catch in peace but the Crows were watchful and persisted in dive bombing the Hawk for the duration of its meal.

aaWellesley 069
aaWellesley 075
Some of the local rivers had small patches of open water where we saw Common Merganzers, Goldeneye, Canada Geese and of course Mallards.

aaWellesley 103
aaWellesley 110

aaWellesley 121
As others have reported there were many Horned Larks in the area too.

aaWellesley 144
We spotted the first Snowy hunting near the road. It would have been easy to miss in the snow if we hadn’t seen it come swooping down across the field from a tree.

aaWellesley 209

aaWellesley 317
Common Merganzers enjoying an afternoon siesta in the sun.

aaWellesley 318
aaWellesley 360
The wind started to pick up as we headed for home around 4ish.

aaWellesley 412
The 2nd Snowy Owl of the day is in the photo above and the 3rd is in the photos below just as the daylight was beginning to fade in the vicinity of the village of Millbank.

aaWellesley 428

aaWellesley 434
All in all a great birding day and a total of 17 Snowy Owl sightings for this winter.


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