No Ducks – Lots of Eagles

Saturday we headed for Ontario’s West Coast as the signs describe it. And even though the day became sunny, there was not a lot of open water close to shore. The rivers and marinas at Goderich were still snow-covered and the ice fishermen have not given up yet. However in the distance open water was visible out on the lake. So we saw next to nothing in the way of water fowl. However we did see a couple of hardy gulls checking things out but that was about it. And of course horned larks on the roads.

Goderich 097E
However as we were driving home on the Londesboro Road three Bald Eagles were putting on quite a display. The two adults looked as though they were flying in formation and juvenile eagle joined them for a while before wandering off. The photos are not clear but you can get an idea from the shots below.

Goderich 108E
Goderich 109E
Goderich 110E
We have a rule that we try to remember when we are watching birds – always look behind yourself. Just when you are focused on something amazing, you might overlook something by not looking around. And with luck we saw three more Bald Eagles sitting in a tree enjoying the brilliant sunshine!

Goderich 141EWe thought it was pretty amazing to see six eagles in one day especially since we aren’t in British Columbia. This is Ontario after all. However, further up the road we saw some large birds on the ground. At first we thought, Wild Turkeys, but no there were three more juvenile Bald Eagles fighting over the unfortunate carcass of a small raccoon.

Goderich 176E
Goderich 203E
Goderich 217E
Goderich 220E
Goderich 226E
Goderich 242E
Goderich 243E
Goderich 236E
So it turned into an amazing 9-eagle day!


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