Fair and Fowl

Burlington 119

Sunday was brilliant and cold, climbing from -15 in the morning. But we decided to follow the dry roads to Burlington and to take a look at the Lake Ontario shore while we were there. We told number one son that we were going to shop but he called us out on that claim. He noted that we never come home with anything except bird photos! And true to form we arrived home empty-handed except for these bird pics. 

Burlington 164e
We saw a few dozen Ruddy Ducks bobbing in the water close to the walkway and with a few other diving ducks in the same area; Long-tailed Ducks, Golden-eye and White-winged Scoters, Mallards and Mergansers.

Burlington 107eRuddy Ducks

Burlington 130eWhite-winged Scoter
Burlington 126E
Burlington 157eLong-tailed Ducks
Burlington 171e
Burlington 209e
Burlington 222eBufflehead Duck

There were lots of ducks that were too far away from the shore for us to see as well. Although it was easy to recognize the Bufflehead Ducks from a distance. The water looked pretty busy. I wish we had been able to spend more time There were many Red-tailed Hawks to be seen on the drive as well as Turkey Vultures, about a dozen were hovering over something well off the road. We are also seeing Canada Geese and Crows in increasing numbers in the cornfields everywhere.

Burlington 123e


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