March Ending!

Springthaw 019
As March ends and there are signs of rivers flowing everywhere, I’m calling it; spring thaw is here! Finally! It’s obvious that the birds know it too and they are on the move. A quick trip to St Mary’s on Sunday demonstrated that, while there are stragglers, most of the Mergansers and Buffleheads and Goldeneye and Long-tailed Ducks that seemed to be holding up on open spots in the Thames had moved on.

Springthaw 013eBufflehead Ducks

Springthaw 031eHooded Mergansers
Springthaw 033e
Springthaw 262eCommon Mergansers

Springthaw 279eA single Long-tailed Duck

It was the first time in a long time, that the waterfall was wide open and ice free even though the lake at Wildwood is still covered with ice. But even there the edges are thinning and the ice fishermen have given up.

Springthaw 269e
Springthaw 295e
Springthaw 293e

The gulls are back too. This year we intend to look a little more closely at these birds so we can identify them better. One of the gulls was different from the rest; pink legs and a solid yellow beak! Oh and quite a bit larger too. So obvious!

Springthaw 285e
Springthaw 298e


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