Avon Calling

Some non-Mallards and non-Canada Geese caught my eye as I was passing the Avon River in the morning so I made a point of going down to see who was passing through. In addition to Common and Hooded Mergansers and an American Black duck there were about half a dozen Ring-necked Ducks and three  Canvasback ducks, two male and one female.

River 001e
River 002eRing-Necked Ducks

River 074e
River 089e
River 118e
River 087eCanvasback Ducks

River 025e
River 104e
River 132e
These two Hooded Mergansers flew in just as we were leaving, perhaps looking for a place to spend the night.

River 092e
We heard a familiar chattering sound and caught sight of the first Kingfisher for this yearAnd as we walked through the park on our way home we heard some crows squawking and making a bit of a fuss. We saw a couple flashes of white as a couple of fairly large birds when flying through the trees with the crows on their tails. We weren’t sure what we had seen but thought they were small hawks or perhaps owls. As we left the park though we caught sight of one of the birds taking off down the street. It looked like a Kestrel. Then we heard a different kind of loud chirping coming from above and sure enough a Kestrel was perched in the branches above us!

River 138e


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