Off to Port Stanley


PtStanley 002e
Spring is surely on it’s way now. The white in the fields on the way to Port Stanley was definitely giving way to brown at long last. On Saturday the temperature was brisk but the sun was brilliant. There was still ice on Lake Erie in spots, but it too showed signs of giving up for the year. It was a good day for birding. As we looked out at the lake from Hawk Cliff at first glance there was nothing going on, but on closer inspection and with the help of the binoculars we could see hundreds of ducks going past. Definitely many were Common Mergansers but the distance made them difficult to identify. It was a bit like looking at the stars in the sky. First you see one and then your eyes adjust and you see more and more! We also spotted a couple of Kildeer in the field beside us as we walked along the road. I had to wait for them to move to locate them because they were so well camouflaged against the ground.

PtStanley 158e

PtStanley 150e
We also spotted a few American Tree Sparrows, Redwing Blackbirds and an Eagle in the area. Vultures were noticeably in abundance as well. And the absence of Horned Larks was noticeable too along the roads. They seemed to have moved on and been replaced by Starlings.

PtStanley 181e
PtStanley 101e

PtStanley 109e
We stopped to take a look at this hawk on our way home and were delighted when looking behind ourselves we spotted a field of Tundra Swans. We always laugh when we are intently looking in one direction and we find something great going on right behind us. Now we always say, don’t forget to look back!

PtStanley 173e
PtStanley 185e

PtStanley 189e
And in addition as we were driving back into Stratford there was a great Vee of Tundra Swans in the sky above us!

PtStanley 241e


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