A Good Friday


GoodFriday 116
Waters are open again, the ice has finally disappeared from Wildwood Lake and water levels are high! Friday started out as a drizzly, dull day but the sun did appear much later in the day. We decided to keep our birding close to home this weekend and so headed over to St. Mary’s. As we drove across a bridge where a number of fishermen were fishing for at the far end of Wildwood we saw a lone, soggy Black-necked Grebe.

GoodFriday 149e

As we were walking along a narrow stretch of land between two ponds, I looked down and saw this Canada Goose. It looked so still at first I thought it was one of those weird fake decoys, or dead and then I noticed it’s head and neck moving very, very slightly and realized the bird was flattening itself down over its nest. It seemed surprising to see the nest in such an open spot and of course I backed off and left her alone. I’m not too sure that the choice of a nesting spot will be successful though.

GoodFriday 132
We saw the Bald Eagle sitting in the tree near its nest, a Great Blue Heron which had returned to the river, a number of Mergansers, a Wild Turkey, a Kestrel, a Northern Harrier and of course Turkey Vultures.

GoodFriday 240e
GoodFriday 264e
GoodFriday 239e
The Thames was really moving but there was a lot of activity along the shore too, with Robins and Redwing Blackbirds, Chickadees and a Brown-headed Cowbird. There was a busy, swirling cloud of Tree Sparrows that occasionally took time to settle on wires that spanned the river as well. Just as we were leaving we saw a Bald Eagle flying down the river and six deer making their way along the opposite shore.

GoodFriday 321e
GoodFriday 328e
GoodFriday 347e
GoodFriday 334e


GoodFriday 358e


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