West Perth Wetlands

Mitchellponds 024e
Another glorious, windy day. We headed to the Perth Wetlands at Mitchell and spend the afternoon soaking up some sunshine and trying to identify the numerous ducks that were coming and going. As we walked around the ponds we were serenaded by Song Sparrows and Red-winged Blackbirds. And of course there were many Canada Geese, many that were assuming the I’m a statue – don’t come near my nest position – that we’ve come to recognize. 

Mitchellponds 142e
Mitchellponds 128e

Mitchellponds 106e Scaup

Mitchellponds 076e
Mitchellponds 082e
Mitchellponds 264eNorthern Shoveler

Mitchellponds 384eBlue-winged Teals

Mitchellponds 404e
Mitchellponds 207e
We were also very excited to see a Northern Pintail amongst the Ring-Necked Ducks!

Mitchellponds 207ee

Mitchellponds 274eGreen Winged Teal

Mitchellponds 400eBlue Winged Teals in flight

Mitchellponds 319eNorthern Pintails in flight

Mitchellponds 220Still a little snow hanging on!

Mitchellponds 438eKestrel

Mitchellponds 121

Mitchellponds 441
Aside from the wonderful display of birds and waterfowl, we saw a painted turtle,
quite a few muskrats and a chorus of frogs
which were easier to hear than to see. All in all, a fine day out!


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