Not Your Average Thursday Evening!

We headed over to Wildwood to take a look at the docks as we usually do when sailing season is getting near. So I packed up the camera, just in case. At first things didn’t look too interesting. But as we wandered around the club we could hear a lot of different songs coming out of the woods. There were about 20 gulls in the water, some turkey vultures overhead, a pair of cormorants in the lake and one male merganser leading a half dozen females across the lake.

WildwoodThurs 154e
But the really exciting find of the evening was the Wood Duck that landed in the lagoon near the docks! I have never seen one before so I guess you’d call it a Lifer. And I’ve always wanted to see one because their markings are so unique. In fact, it almost didn’t look real! It swam around at the far side of the lagoon and then climbed up onto the shore and disappeared into the grasses. A nest perhaps? I don’t know but I will be sure to keep my eyes open for it the next time we’re there!

WildwoodThurs 083e
WildwoodThurs 070eWood Duck

WildwoodThurs 149e


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