Pelee Bound

Even though it feels as though it has just stopped snowing the Victoria Day Weekend arrived early. We weren’t quite ready to put the sailboat into the water so we packed our bags and headed to Point Pelee. We’ve never been there in the spring and decided to go even though we had heard that it would be busy. And it was! But it was wonderful to see so many people out there in the woods, some of them with kids or grandkids in tow . It rained as we left Stratford but was clear and sunny by the time we arrived at Lake Erie. First we stopped at Wheatley Harbour to have a picnic and a short stroll along the beach. We caught a glimpse of some flocks of birds flying west and realized, the next day, that they were likely Black Bellied Plovers and Dunlins. 

aPelee 021
But we were impatient to see Point Pelee so we didn’t hang around long. We wanted to get right to the Point. And it was hopping as predicted! We decided to head out from the parking lot at the Centre through the woods and eventually along the beach. The woods were filled with songbirds; finches, warblers, orioles and robins were everywhere.

aPelee 092
aPelee 117
aPelee 172
aPelee 284Baltimore Oriole
aPelee 277
aPelee 194
aPelee 415Yellow Warbler
aPelee 203
aPelee 399
ePelee 086Magnolia Warbler
ePelee 088

ePelee 101
ePelee 110
ePelee 150American Yellow Warbler
ePelee 145


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