It’s June!

aaJ 116

Holy smokes! It’s June already! We are beginning to get more of a feeling for the ebb and flow of the movement of bird groups throughout the year. We have not seen many raptors or varieties of ducks lately and have been keeping our eyes peeled for the smaller songbirds instead. Red-winged Blackbirds, Robins, Chickadees, Sparrows, Jays and Cardinals are around in large numbers. Also pigeons and doves are back as well.

aaJ 152
It’s also sailing season. So after our first sail of the year we drove home via St. Marys and caught sight of a Northern Flicker. Judging from the down on its back it could be a young one!

aaJ 106
When we checked out the river we spotted a Great Blue Heron fishing intently, some Mallards and Swallows. Bugs are also back!

aaJ 026
And this fellow, that only a mother could love, was sitting on a sidewalk at the edge of the road.

aaJ 108
There were also a lot of Cliff Swallows swooping in around a bridge over the river and sometimes getting down into the mud to pick up some housing materials. They were wonderful to watch, difficult to photograph!

aaJ 123


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