Quick Update

A quick update of some of the June birds we’re been seeing around here. Lots of cedar waxwings and Great Blue Herons, Baltimore Orioles, Wrens and Eastern Kingbirds to name a few. And on a recent walk around the park lately I came upon a fellow standing at the base of a tree in a familiar pose. He was shooting photos of a Downey Woodpecker and her brood of 5 or 6 young!


Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing


Gray Heron


FishingdayStmarys 106e
FishingdayStmarys 038

BirdsatstM 117

ChefLeeNorthernFlickerChair 164

BirdsatstM 132

BirdsatstM 033


BirdsatstM 025

FishingdayStmarys 144



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