Little Bird, Big Song

LastDayofJuly 166e
Hanging around the edge of the woods at Wildwood, I heard a lovely lilting song from the maples overhead. I could hear some rustling but couldn’t quite get my eyes on the bird making the song. And I could hear at least two of them calling back and forth to each other. I gave up trying to locate the bird in the thick leaves of the maple and decided to try to find the other bird in the other trees. I started to notice a very small bird flitting back and forth from one tree to another and swooping down to the ground as well. As I tried to focus my lens on the tree, I heard the sound of the elusive bird, practically at the end of my nose, sitting on a nearby sailboat on a trailer. Well, I was quite surprised to see how tiny the House Wren was considering it’s robust song!

LastDayofJuly 172eHouse Wren

LastDayofJuly 205eTree Swallow
LastDayofJuly 202eFemale Rose Breasted Grosbeak


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