Beach Birds

LabourDay 036 (2)Kildeer

LabourDay 054 (2)


After a quick stop at the lagoons near Harrington, we headed to Port Burwell for Labour Day. It was rainy and cloudy near Stratford but the weather sounded more promising on Lake Erie so off we went. And as promised, it turned into a beautiful day. Lots of gulls seem to be gathering on the beach.

LabourDay 181 (2)
LabourDay 202 (2)Terns, Bonaparte’s Gulls, Herring Gulls
LabourDay 206 (2)Bonaparte’s Gulls

LabourDay 261 (2)Bonaparte’s Gull
LabourDay 218 (2)Common Terns
LabourDay 224 (2)
LabourDay 234 (2)
A nice way to say goodbye to August and welcome September!


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