Around the Hood

It’s a little difficult to get away these days. There are a lot of home jobs to get done at this time of year before you know what comes. On top of that, number one son always has plans that involve the use of our car. However, it just means taking a good look around a little closer to home. So I took my camera along for a little walk around the river this morning. There have been a number of Cormorants taking residence in one of the trees by the water.

DSC_1690 (2)
DSC_1679 (2)
I also noticed flocks of Blue Jays flying past today. They are usually around but not in the large groups that I’ve seen, at least 20 or so and they seem to be flying quite high above the houses. And I also watched to see if I could spot the Osprey that I’ve often noticed fishing in the Avon in the early part of the day. Sure enough it was sitting on of the trees further along the shore.

DSC_1708 (2)
I’m not quite sure what caused its feathers to get ruffled but it almost looks like a completely different bird!

DSC_1707 (2)


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