Rondeau & Erieau

Autumn leaves are changing quickly now and who can resist a trip further along the Lake Erie coast when the weather is this inviting?  I hope we get a few more like this!  Rondeau was pretty quiet, although we did see some Herons and a solitary White Egret.

I’m not really certain how this heron managed to find a perch on this fence but it didn’t seem too bothered by the awkward position as it surveyed the water for fish!

We headed out to the beach at Rondeau and spotted a few dozen Sanderlings along the water’s edge.

From the beach, we headed into the woods for a walk. There were lots of birds to be heard but we didn’t hang about too much because it was also a very buggy day! And noisy! Aside from the sounds of birds and crickets or cicadas, we could hear some kind of animals thrashing about, which fortunately turned out to be deer. And crackly leaves and nuts were falling everywhere. I usually think of woods as being very quiet places! The only bird that I got a decent shot of was a very sociable woodpecker, which was also kind of noisy!

From Rondeau, we headed over to Erieau for lunch. We sat outside on a patio even though the wasps and flies were bothersome but it was just too nice to sit inside. And we were rewarded with the sighting of a pair of Bald Eagles over the water! After lunch we took a look at the fishing boats at the dock and saw some Cormorants and a single Scaup.

Cheerio, Erieau. See you next time!



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