Roadside Pheasants

It was hard to miss seeing these brightly, coloured Ring-Necked Pheasants at the side of the road on our way to Goderich yesterday. And amazingly enough they didn’t take off immediately. They seemed to be intent on crossing the road to get into the cornfield on the other side. I got a few quick photos as they ski-daddled along the ditch beside the road. Man, can they move! I have to admit that I don’t think I have ever seen them before. What a thrill it was to get such a close-up look at this pair.

DSC_2964 (2)

We went for a hike in the Morris Tract Nature reserve along the Maitland River. We weren’t too successful at spotting the birds we could hear flitting through the trees, but we did see a Fox! Afterwards we decided to take a look at Lake Huron before heading home. Surprisingly, we saw a trio of Black-necked Grebes in the Maitland by the railway tracks near the Port.

As we drove home it was obvious that large numbers of Turkey Vultures were heading south in a steady stream across the sky and there were masses of gulls and geese in the fields as well.



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