Well it’s November and while the first was a very chilly, snowy and blustery day, the sun came out on the second to make for some great fall birding weather. We spotted two Bald Eagles along the way, one on the way to Hamilton and the next one close to Grimsby on the QEW. When we arrived at the Falls, we took a tour along the shore to one of the lookouts and in spite of the weather there were hardy fishermen along the Niagara River below. And dozens of gulls circling around as well. We decided to make the descent even though it was wet and the leaves made the path pretty slippery but it was well worth the climb down and back up again. And after that we poked around at the Nature Glen Area where there were quite a few Robins, a Northern Flicker as well as Blue Jays settling in the trees for the night.

DSC_4455 (2)
Sunday was a much brighter day and a little warmer once the sun came out. Looking over the edge down into the water below the Falls we could identify the gulls below. There were hundreds of Bonaparte’s Gulls and a number of Little Gulls as well, although they were much fewer in number.



 We were able to spot lots of Bonaparte’s Gulls further along the river as we drove towards Fort Erie, as well as a few more Little Gulls too and of course Ring-Billed gulls and other gulls that we haven’t identified yet. We saw about half a dozen Red Breasted Merganzers and a few flocks of Bufflehead Ducks. There were a two to three hundred floating on the Niagara. And we also saw some Horned Grebes floating and feeding along the shores. At first there was a group of six but further along there was a much larger group of approximately 50 together. That was a great surprise because we’ve only ever seen them alone or in pairs or groups of three or four.

DSC_5039Horned Grebes 
Incoming Buffleheads!


DSC_5142Redbreasted Merganser

DSC_5186Red-Tailed Hawk at Albino Point


With the time change stealing an hour of evening light we decided to drive up along the Welland canal so we could make a quick stop at the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area. The view was spectacular but no birds put in an appearance. Oh well, at least it’s on the radar for the migration next spring. All in all, a fine weekend for looking at the birds.



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