DSC_5444Red-tailed Hawk

It has been a busy time getting the homestead ready for winter and the usual chores for this time of year. That, in addition to the shortage of daylight hours has meant that this past week had not been too eventful. However on Sunday we had the time for a quick hike around Wildwood Lake to see what kind of waterfowl is passing through the area. We spotted a couple of hawks on the way and one by the road into the area. It was a fairly dull, grey day and eventually the wind started to pick up and the temperature dropped later in the afternoon. Very November!

DSC_5429 (2)

DSC_5483Bufflehead Ducks

Although it was a little  difficult to get a close up view we were able to see a fair number of Mergansers, Hooded and Common, lots of Gulls and Terns, a few Cormorants, Bufflehead and Ruddy Ducks as well as Canada Geese, and one Great Blue Heron. The lake was quite a busy place with all of the incoming flocks of birds. We decided to hike in the trees along the shore so we could take a closer look at the birds closest to shore. We thought they had spotted us as they started to make a fuss and move away from the shore.

However, we weren’t the cause of the ruckus. It was the presence of a Juvenile Bald Eagle that landed in a tree at the water’s edge, not more than 20 feet away from us. It was fantastic to have such a close up view of this magnificent bird. As it fed on some unlucky prey, it seemed to sense that we were there, although we hardly moved as we watched and tried to snap a few photos through the branches and after about 5 minutes or so, it flew off down the lake.




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