Sarnia Bound

On a December trip to Sarnia, December 7th to be exact, we kept our eyes peeled for Snowy Owls which have been sighted in Southern Ontario again this year. We were hoping to catch sight of some after last years record numbers and have been wondering if there will be record numbers again. I remember reading that the irruption of the winter of 2013 was described as a once in a lifetime event, but we wondered where all of those owls would go this year to find food during the winter. And sure enough, there are higher than average numbers being reported again this year.

The lack of snow cover certainly makes it more difficult for the Snowies to blend in, but even so we almost drove right past because this one was hunkered down in a rut and from a distance looked like a baseball or something. We spotted two Snowy Owls in the same field near Corbett. This one was closer and the other was further out, also on the ground but near the weeds and bushes at the edge of the field. The high winds made it difficult to get a clear shot.

Sarnia was very quiet that day, with the exception of about a dozen Long-tailed Ducks, some Common Mergansers, Gulls, Mallards and Canvasbacks.





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