Still No Snow

So, Christmas was green and there is still no snow but there are Snowy Owls. This one was spotted outside of Stratford on December 28th in the direction of Milverton where we spotted one that seems to have spent the winter last year. It seems likely that it has returned this year. We will see if it stays. I seem to recall that people were seeing an owl in that location until almost June. Again, this one was spotted sitting way out in a field on the ground. I doubt that we would have noticed it had there been snow on the ground.

The following day, after a visit to London we were on the lookout for birds and didn’t see much at all. The water at Wildwood is still wide open and there are lots of gulls and other ducks there but we didn’t have time to take a closer look as it was late in the day. But on the way into Stratford on Number 7, there was a Snowy Owl perched on a telephone pole! So that’s four sightings in 2014 and we hope we’ll see more in 2015!



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