Sunday afternoon and the sunny skies prompted us to head to the Pineries to do a little walking and check out the ice on Lake Huron. We spotted two Snowy Owls; one on the way there and another at dusk on the way home bringing the total for the winter to 7. It seems that Snowy spotting is much more challenging this year. Most of the birds we have seen have been far from the roads sitting in fields or perched somewhere very high. The first one we saw last Sunday was sitting in a field quite a distance from the road just outside of Seaforth. And it was one of those, hmmm, there’s something sticking up and it could be an owl… we turned back to take a second look. And sure enough, it was.

At the visitors centre we took a look at the feeding station which was very busy with birds that we commonly see at home like Chickadees and Sparrows, Juncos, Cardinals and Finches. But we also enjoyed watching Tufted Titmice, Common Repolls, Red-breasted Nuthatches and American Tree Sparrows.

DSC_0195Tufted Titmouse

DSC_0210Common Redpoll

DSC_0246American Tree Sparrow

DSC_0267Red-breasted Nuthatch

We hiked on down the Cedar Trail extension to the beach. Fortunately we didn’t bring any Martinis with us because they seem to be forbidden here according to the sign. Or perhaps just long stem glasses, or spilling drinks if you hold long stem glasses sideways. Needless to say, this sign generated a fair amount of discussion.
DSC_0183 (2)


Unlike the lake on the other side of Grand Bend, near the Hydro station, the beach was iced in as far as we could see. We kept our eyes peeled for owls as we headed home around 5:30. Again, we both noticed a bump on top of a very tall silo and it looked suspiciously owl-like, or it could even have been one of those fake owls that people stick up on buildings. But then it turned to look at us and did a little preening. You can see how easy it would be to have driven past this owl.




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