Snow Day!

Well they said we’d get snow. And we got snow. Lots of it. Even though the temperature was about minus ten, I could hear small birds in the trees as I shoveled as the morning got brighter and the snow stopped falling. I noticed the resident Juncos and Sparrows and Finches, as well as a pair of Cardinals venturing out to the feeders and sitting in the Cedars in the sun from time to time.

It was not a day to go looking for birds, except for the ones I could see from the window. But as I was walking past my front window, I caught sight of a rather large bird landing in the maple across the road. I grabbed my camera and dashed out to the front porch to get a shot of this Cooper’s Hawk which was planning to make a meal of a small bird that it had nabbed.

The Hawk was not planning to move until it had finished off its prey so I had time to run in and get a coat and hat. It didn’t seem too bothered  by me, although it did turn its back on me for a while.



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