It’s Melting!!!

Last weekend we spent a few days in Toronto and of course headed down to the waterfront to see what was happening. It was still a chilly weekend and there was ice to be seen on the rivers and close to shore but once we got out to the end of Leslie Street Spit the ice on Lake Ontario was virtually gone. First stop, Sugar Beach. Gulls and all kinds of water fowl seem to be making their way back from their winter vacation spots.



Long Tailed Ducks



Hundreds of Long-tailed Ducks were gathering together across on the far side of the water, although they were difficult to see with the naked eye! On Sunday, we spent the day hiking out to the end of the spit. Many of the birders were excited about the presence of a Snowy Owl there but we weren’t able to find it. Again, mostly water fowl and very few Songbirds. However we did see our first Robin there.


We also saw Ruddy Ducks, a couple of Horned Grebes, Bufflehead Ducks, more Long-tailed, Canvas Back, Mallards, Mergansers, Ring-necked Ducks ,Canada Geese and some Tundra Swans. Not a bad day out!


DSC_3450 DSC_3446





See ya next time Toronto!


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