Swamp Sunday

We decided to check out the Ellice Swamp and the Perth Wetlands. It looked like a great day for walking, not too much mud and temperatures in the high teens! First stop, the Ellice Swamp trail. The woods were noisy with birds, especially woodpeckers or flickers from the sound of it. And as we got into the swamp area, the sounds of Red-winged Black birds, Crows and Geese could be heard as well as Goldfinches and other songbirds. We noticed a couple of snakes on the path through the woods. They seemed to be quite dozey and didn’t care when Dave moved one off the middle of the path. I had wandered right passed it, fortunately without stepping on it because I am always looking up! DSC_4562
DSC_4581 (2)

We noticed a number of Tree Swallows swooping around the swamp but weren’t able to catch any photos. But this  Eastern Phoebe didn’t seem at all bothered by the camera. We finally caught sight of one of the Flickers that we could hear.

DSC_4602On to the Perth Wetlands near Mitchell. It was fairly lively there. We saw a couple dozen Tundra Swans, Kildeer, Scaup, Mallards, Canada Geese, Mergansers, Buffleheads and Ruddy Ducks.



DSC_4647Song Sparrows

DSC_4681At 17 degrees Celsius with snow still present at the edge of the ponds in a few places and Tundra Swans flying overhead, it seemed a little odd! I imagine the swans will be gone shortly especially since the whole week is going to be much warmer than it has been in April so far.




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